Review-in the rearview mirror

It has been close to 6 years now that I have been practising ‘Kundalini Gnanam’ . A lot of times I am asked questions which are very simple at first glance, but to give a satisfactory answer is actually not that easy. the first question is ‘Why do you do it?’ Sounds very simple. But the answer is not. 

Let me explain with an example. When you are bad in physics, your objective is to get good marks in the subject. When you have got good marks in physics, you want to get the best marks in physics. when you have the best marks in physics, you want to score a good rank in class. The point is that objectives change in relation to milestones reached. And there is no satisfaction reached in this ever evolving process.

To be honest, this is only one point of the problem is answering the question. The next problem is something like this. Imagine that you are in 10th standard or any similar grade. How do you explain 10th standard chemistry to somebody who is in elementary classes? I face a similar problem when people ask me why I am doing so and so and what do I gain out of the whole exercise. I would like to take a portion of the blame in that I am not able to put into words. But the more important thing is that it cannot be explained. 

In such situations, all I offer is some cliche’d , but very relevant aphorims about meditation and my style of meditation. What is more important is the person’s interest in learning meditation and the amount of faith that is playing out in my relationship with the person.

Again I am falling short of words. I would still say that I made a decent attempt.


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