Everything is in the seed

Recently I was having a conversation with my wife and she happened to mention about one of her acquaintances who had eloped with a girl of his choice and supposedly left his parents in the lurch. she opined about how hapless the parents were and went on to talk about the general state of affairs in terms of parenting.

This reminded me of something that Vivekananda had said. 

‘The entire banyan tree is in the seed’

I reminisced about this statement as said…

‘I feel that parenting is a bit lop-sided. Think about it, if we want to plant a flower, we first select a particular variety of flower and procure the particular seed. We then find out the appropriate conditions which help the plant to grow the best and do what best is within our control to help it grow. 

We water the plant every once in a while and add some nutrients, if required. But the most important thing is the seed. The seed is the unquestionable basis for what plant we will get. Everything else is more or less incidental and do not exert the kind of control on the destiny of the plant as the seed variety does.

Interestingly, parents seem to have very little understanding of this and parenting is done in a bizarre fashion to suit convenience.

Let us forget the seed for the time-being and atleast concentrate on the external influences which are akin to water and nutrients. Do parents really exert adequate time and energy to mould their children? Familiar excuses like time and effort are not acceptable for so valuable a resource as human resource.’ 

Saying thus I just thought about it for a moment and also thought about the seed. Is there a way to control human seed? This leads me to some really interesting thoughts which I will share in the next post.



3 Responses

  1. Ever grown a plant which died?

    I over-watered 4 marijuana plants I was cultivating once. Used to give them too much attention and check on their growth every 3 hours.

    As for choosing the seed, i.e. your copulating partner, isn’t that taken care of by evolution?

  2. @Kaptnmnd:

    Too much of nectar is poison itself.

    And the seed doesn’t mean the egg alone. The seed is a fertilized unit. Or am I confused?

  3. I heard from my mom “the sorrow is conceived way before the seed is fertilized”. This means that it not only is dependent on the seed in itself but also under what circumstances it was conceived … not the genes alone or the parents … everything has an impact on each other in this ecosystem of beings and non beings. Thats how physicists explain entropy…. and it helps explaining some weird happenings … someday will sit and tell u those happenings

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