Sex is the basis & Procreation the driving force

concentric_circles1I observe people and I can see that there are motives for every action. On a broad scale we have desires, ambition, likes, dislikes and other emotions on various scales. A few people will argue on the basic desires being food, clothing and shelter. But I would say that the very basic instinct would be that of survival. We all want to live in whatever which way we desire it to be. But is that the basest of our instincts?

We can also look at the biological apsect of it. We have a body which is unfit for survival when we are born. Our body develops and we learn survival tactics from our parents. What is interesting is that our body matures much faster than our mind. Either sexes attain puberty before 15 years of age while we ( in the present scheme of things) are authorised to marry/ earn/ lead independant lives much later. In the absence of any training in terms of education, our survival instincts would supersede everything else. Clothing and shelter are secondary needs to that of survival. They would be more about standard of living (at a crude level) than anything else.

Now the next question would be the need for survival. A casual observation on any social group (including animals) reveal that the requirement for survival is for the purpose of procreation. It is essential that an adult (irrespective) of either sexes survive until puberty for them to indulge in the act of procreation. There are certain species which even die immediately after mating. All other actions related to human achivement are at best transitory. 

The reason why I am going into such fragmented, loosely inter-related hypotheses is to propound a fresh hypothesis that there is only one action which underlies all action as the most basic level-procreation. This one motive has kept species of all types alive. This understanding is essential for us to be able to understand yoga. This understanding is the foundation stone for all knowledge of the mind and it’s motives leading to actions.

The reason why I am writing about this is because it is this instinct that yoga or particulalry ‘kundalini yoga’ tries to control. This is a straight-forward response to the oft asked question about yoga-‘Why should I control myself?’

It is interesting to note that all human progress is because someone decided to give secondary importance to the needs of his body and decided to focus all his attention on something else. This could be anything from the stars to the plants in the neighbourhood. The point is that all human achivement is because of control of the mind.

If this is clear then the next question is-‘Why do I need to control my sexual instincts?’ My response to this would be that there are different degrees of control and it is a matter of personal choice. Imagine that you are on the river-bed. a few would want to know if it is safe to drink water from this stream. Some more would venture into the stream and try to take advantage of the stream and probably use it for various house-hold and commercial activities. A few, very few would want to know the nature of the stream and try to ponder about it. The rarest of rare would want to know the enitre nature of the stream and go upstream to the very origin of the stream.

The control of the mind is exactly like that. For the people who want to go to the origin of the stream, the above string of reasoning would be very useful. For the rest there is limited take-away. Take your pick.


4 Responses

  1. You should look up Freud, itll answer all your questions

  2. I have arrived at the above without reading any book on psychology. With all due respect to Freud and his colleagues who spent an entire lifetime to cull the secrets of the mind, the very basic approach to the subject was erroneous. They all studied others when they are the subjects themselves. Imagine a microscope peering through another microscope to study an object. It is that erroneous. Age, time, pre-existing awareness is no constraint to this sort of analysis. Our mind is the biggest book which most people fail to respect and act upon. What a state-of-affairs?

  3. I think you are in a confused sttate right now and need to take some time off.
    This is reflected in the rambling structure of your post.

    I dont think that there is anything erroneous about a doctor observing a patient to study symptoms. Even if the doctor has the same desease.

    Maybe you are realising this stuff late but all these concepts have been researched and written about by enough and more qualified people.

    Just my 5 paise

  4. Will write about this in the next post. You are going to like it.

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