Meditation diaries-Last Mile

This in continuance of my conversation with an office colleague.

So this person was asking what had changed in our company since last year and the tone was one of weariness. This reminded me of ‘The Last Mile’.

I have had moments in the past when I was about to give up. I was giving up not because I was tired, but because I had doubts about my own abilities against a challening task. This kind of doubts creep in even amongst the best of us, most commonly because of an under-estimation of the task at hand. The task becomes even more complicated when the path is untrodden and the road diappears into the wilderness. 

I have been there before and perseverance helps, if nothing else. The harder I work the luckier I become.

I am fearless and there is nothing which is impossible. I would like to say that to my office colleague, but it is a matter os syaing it and it is another to believe in it.

I don’t convince myself. I believe.


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