Meditation Diaries

To start with – The why?

There are lot of reasons. Let me start with the reason why I started. I started because I had this feeling that it will help me focus. I was about 22 years when I started. Lots of distractions in life. So I needed something which can help me focus in life. Different people have different ways. I chose meditation. Thinking about other reasons, basis what I see with my colleagues of my age and also people who are elder to me, I can think of a strong reason why people can choose this options. Feeling like driftwood. Lot of people feel that way. Living 24×7 lifestyles and being consumed by the fire within. Fire of ambition, fire of lust…whatever makes one forget oneself and that which takes more than it gives. One which puts the knower in an endless cycle of thinking that some progress has been made, but the end is always tantalizingly far. Pun intended.

Think about it. If you feel this way, you must retrace the ways and reclaim your life. It was never lost, it was always there. But it is like sand slipping between your fingers. Not very obvious, but insidiously slipping away.

Think about it.