Everything is in the seed-3

After my last post on this topic, I have been left fumbling trying to find some physical explanation for abstract concepts. I am going to make a sincere effort at rationalizing spiritual concepts. 

Let us take the structure of the nervous system. We have a sructure called vertebral column which supports the skull and the vertebral column contains the nerve bundles which are conneced to the brain, which in turn, is encased within the cranium (skull). Now we have a structure called the cauda equina at the base of the vertebral column. If we look at these three structures together then the cauda equina, spinal column and the brain appear to be like a tree with the cauda equina happening to be the roots, the vertebral column happening to be the trunk and the brain appearing to be the ever spreading branches and leaves. Isn’t this a wonderful metaphor to look a the nervous super-structures in our body? It might not be exactly the same, but anybody with a bit of imagination will definitely agree that the similarity is very striking.

The similarity is even more striking for the fact that it helps us in the next part of the conversation which is trying to understand the root of our thoughts. If we continue our analogy of the ‘tree’, it is common knowledge that the tree receives nutrients from the roots and these nutrients are transported via the trunk to the leaves.The leaves use these nutrients and convert them into active ingredients (sugars) which help the tree sustain it’s energy needs and also grow in a continous fashion. So the origin is from the roots and the leaves are processing centres which aid growth. Both the root and the leaves complement each other. To put it in simple words, the energy comes from the roots while the leaves help to harness that energy.

Now applying this analogy to nervous super structure, the nutrients are in the region of the human genito-urinary system and these nutrients, in the form of thought energy are transported by the spine and harnessed by the brain. This harnessing of energy is what leads us to thought processes and it’s manifestations in our day to day life.

Without going into abstract discussions which cannot be proved in the physical plane, I can propound a vague hypothesis that there is some co-relation between the human genito-urinary system and the origin of our thoughts. Isn’t it interesting that the next generation takes root from our genito-urinary system and our thoughts also seem to take root from the same genito-urinary system. Now wouldn’t you accept that if ‘A’ is connected to ‘B’ and ‘B’ is connected to ‘C’, then then there is a high possibility of connection between ‘A’ and ‘C’?

Then in the same vein, I sugges that there is a high probability of a connection between our thoughts and our next generation. Now the relation between the human seed and human thought is something which has been elucindated at a macro-level. Now my understanding of Yoga is to control the human energy space. Given this the relationship between yoga and the next generation is sligthly clear.

Writing this has brought me immense pleasure. I hope you feel the same too.