Everything is in the seed-2

Talking about the human seed, I am reminded of the Tamil word for father-‘Thanthai’. This word is actually broken down to ‘Thannai thanthavar’, which basically means one who has given himself. There could be myriad interpretations for this and my understanding is it basically means a person who has given himself, which means everything which he represents-in terms of shape, size, features on the physical plane and thoughts, feelings and emotions on the mental plane. All this for the process of procreation with an element of chance attached to it. The element of chance is by the process of dividing the human DNA during sperm generation, with various permutations and combinations. 


It is interesting that the word should exist thousands of years ago when there was no microbiology and research on DNA to be able to prove the fact that DNA is the blueprint of the body in every sense and the DNA is suitably cleaved during sperm generation, to be able to unite with the egg and form the seed for a human being in the ‘soil’ of the womb.

By this, I am in no way alluding to any opinion about the Tamil language. My focus would be on the fact that the seed for the next generation is derived from the present generation.

My next train of thought would be a commentary that I had read about ‘Surya Namaskar’ in numerous books. It goes like this..

“As per the scriptures one who performs the Surya Namaskaras daily does not get poor in a thousand births.”

Without going into metaphysical discussions of rebirth, I am sure it would be acceptable to say that the father and mother do give themselves for the formation of a seed, which gives rise to the foetus and then the child. If this is clear then the discussion now moves to the spehere of yoga to get an understanding of the effects of yoga.

Now again, this leads me to very interesting thoughts which I will share in my next post.