2 Years

It has been 2 years since I first met Shireesha and as the cliche’ goes, it feels like yesterday. It seems like I had just seen her, spoken to her and also spent a good amount of time about two important questions, in same order of importance. Should I marry? and if yes, is she the person with whom I would want to share a good amount of my life, going forward.

At that point of time, marriage seemed very strange to me. For one, I knew that it can never be a logical decision. And I would look strangely at anyone who claims it to be one. But that is besides the point.

I knew that it had to be instinctive and spontaneous. The first criteria was something which struck well when I spoke with Shireesha. The second one was something which got sorted out as I got to know her better, gradually.

But as I had told her once, there was this spark of brilliance (figuratively) which really made me say yes.

And I am happy to this day. Thanks to the people who said ‘yes’ with me and to all those people who didn’t. Everything was in place and the slightest disturbance would have upset things. Just like the butterfly effect.

To hell with theologists and logicians. My marriage is as illogical as it can be and I am ‘Lovin it.

Where is my paper?


Soft and mellow

It is interesting that I had made a draft a long while ago with just the name – ‘Soft and mellow’.

Now I login ages later to be able to relate to it like air. What else do I say when I talk about my moments these days. The swirl of incense in the mornings,..when I sit down to meditate is just like that. The waft of the morning mist and the wetness of dew is just like that. The words of my wife when she has just woken up,..is just like that. The sight of the morning bloom of roses in my balcony,..is just like that. The subtle taste of green tea, at any time of the day,..is just like that.

And yes, the sheer sight of my infant son,…at any time of the day,…any moment,..be it when he is sleeping or awake or when he is playing,….is bang on target – Soft and mellow.

I guess this feeling has less to do with the sights and sounds. It has more to do the inner draft. The incessant flow which sustains me. It is soft and mellow to start with. Everything else follows.