Feel like a ride

It was a fine evening. Just like any other.

Was at office contemplating the next few hours and I was reminded of the road. It has always been a nice thought to munch on. The wide road and the unending miles. Traffic far and between with sparsely interspersed shops and small eats.

I felt like a ride that moment. Light as  the air on my face. Ticklish as the light drizzle on my visor. Wet as the slush on my tyre tread. Steady as the beat on my thumper. I felt like I was ready to drift.

I picked up my keys and was off.


Hope that my Royal Enfield will be it.

Hope is all I have. Someday…soon!

Bullet diaries-A new muffler from the Goldie lineage

The first time I set sight on my Royal Enfield Bullet Machismo 500, there was one turn-down which got the better of me sooner or later. It was the dull note emnating from the stock silencer which really silenced everything. This takes me to the time I got hooked to the bullet.

It was Varun’s black bullet. Due to strange circumstances, his bullet was left in my custody for a few days. How could I resist riding a bullet. I got onto the bullet and hit a highway pretty soon. The experience is something that I have recounted in a previous post and the point is that the ‘Thump’ ( this is a common lingo among bulleteers/ thumpers/ bulls) was very much part of the experience. It is the thump which sort of makes one feel the engine. The thump makes one aware that the engine is very much alive and it is a strange kind of feeling when you feel the torque rush up your arm as you twist the throttle and the beat of engine making itself apparent after it’s exit from the muffler is something which is like poetry of a more aggressive kind.

The beats are set apart when the engine is idle and go


When you twist the throttle they go


When you really twist the throttle, it is one continous roar.


It is like a drug and the more you have of it, the more you need it and you can never have enough of it.

The long days in office have sometimes left me yearning to jump on my bike and go thundering away.

And now I have it. A decent custom-made, Goldie type muffler. Now, the thump is slow and the roar on the highway is rousing. Make way brothers. My 500 is on it’s way and the only thing on my mind is torque.

*Haughty grin