Thoughts on my work

I have worked on my company for the past 2 1/2 years and it brings me great happiness to be at my workplace. While enough has been written on the perspective of a business owner, I would just like to add that vacations kind of disorient me and I need to warm up to the pace of my company before I can get to running speed. It is that fast. From a biological perspective, I must have developed the maximum number of cross connections in my frontal cortex in the last year or two.

At a fundamental level, I am convinced about the potential of a service delivery enabling model for the next start-up idea in India. It has to be non-radical from the end benefit perspective if it has to be for Indian consumers. Better if the customer is able to avail of the service experience either online or through phone. I wonder how we can develop an application where people are able to transact through sms. I am sure this kind of technology should be very much around the corner. Am thinking of many more such ideas ad would keep sharing them.


The book

After much soul searching, I have decided to renew the efforts to write a book offline I was having issues. That apart, it is refreshing to come back to the blogging world. I feel different and it also feels good. While I will be writing my book, I also want to keep the other words flowing.

Few quick points. My interest and time spent in Meditation and Yoga has improved several fold. I have been reading a few translated works by Tirumular and Boganathar. These works have given me some thoughts to munch on and also given me a perspective on various observations during Meditation. Very interesting stuff.